The Management Staff

Vincent Callagy has been in overall charge of administration and operations of Knickerbocker Village for 31 years. His responsibilities include planning, bidding and executing all of the capital improvement projects which have been made in that time. He greatly enjoys working for Knickerbocker Village and is committed to developing new projects that will continue to improve the physical plant and quality of life for the residents of Knickerbocker Village. If you have any questions or concerns regarding security please contact him at
Assistant Manager    
Steve Stanley has been working at K.V since 1998, after a long affiliation with Stuyvesant Town. Peter Cooper Village. Steve is responsible for handling tenant complaints, storage locker and community room rentals and assists the manager with administrative functions. If you have any questions or concerns please contact him at
Karen Zhou
Security Director    
Ed Paroulek

Ed has over 30 years in police and security services. He was a member of the New York City Police Department. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant and retired after 20 years. Ed was the Director of Security at the Metropolitan Club. He also was the Director of Field Operations for AARGO Services. If you have any questions please contact him at:

Rental Agent    
Lucy Lao
Jessica Lao is the Rental Bookkeeper for K.V's Management Department. She is responsible for all rental billing matters including rental billings and payments, Section 8 and SCRIE Benefits for Knickerbocker Village residents. If you have any questions or concerns about your rent please contact her at
Sue Lew has been the Accounts Payable Bookkeeper for over a decade. If you have any questions or concerns about your vendor billing and payments, please contact her at
The Maintenance Team    

Our well-staffed and experienced maintenance team completes most service requests for minor repairs within 2 days of submission. For general maintenance, contact For painting and plastering, contact You can also submit an Online Maintenance Request Form. When you contact our service department, you will be connected to one of the following dispatchers:

Linda Ho

Linda Ho, formerly of the Management office, has now been assigned to the service desk to provide essential bilingual services to Knickerbocker Village's Chinese-speaking residents.  As in the past, she performs all of her assignments expediently and makes it all seem easy.

John Jimenez

John has been employed with K.V for 8 years. He is the dispatcher of all of the Service Department's requests. When residents call for assistance they recognize him for his friendly disposition and helpful manner. Over the years, John has been devoted to his job and works hard to ensure that residents' needs are met. 

Paul Carioscia

is the Service Department's website guru. He also maintains a computerized file and program of all service requests and completions.  Please contact him at:

Aldo Frazzetto has been employed by Knickerbocker Village as a handyman since 1985 and now supervises all painting, plastering and tile repair work.
A Word About Our Garden    
Val Gerry is a freelance garden designer who has been K.V's resident horticulturalist for the past 20 years. In that time, residents have enjoyed the greening and flowering of both courtyards according to the seasons. She has made gardens in her native England, in South Africa and on her own coop's rooftop, which has been featured in the New York Times and many books in Holland and elsewhere.